In 1910 Louisville, KY. gave birth to its first tuberculosis hospital, the original Waverly Hills, with the capacity to care for 40 patients.  Due to the rise in numbers of tuberculosis patients, Louisville then became home to one of the biggest and most advanced tuberculosis hospitals in the country, Waverly Hills Sanatorium, with the capacity to care for up to 480 patients.

Though considered the most advanced hospital for the care of tuberculosis, the majority of patients died from the disease while at Waverly.  Estimates run in the hundreds of patient deaths at Waverly during the peak of the disease. 

The most common treatments for tuberculosis at the time included:

  • fresh air.
  • nutritious diet.
  • plenty of rest.
  • exposure of lungs to UV light.

If the above proved no results, as a last resort patients were treated by:

  • balloons implanted in their lungs to expand them.
  • muscles and ribs removed from their bodies to allow their lungs to expand more.

For the majority of patients who met their fate at Waverly Hills, upon death they were escorted out of the building down the “body chute” which led to railroad tracks below the building to dispose of their corpse to trains which would take them away from the building to meet awaiting family members for burial or cremation.

Paranormal activity reported at Waverly Hills includes full-body apparitions, poltergeist activity, unexplainable shadow movement, disembodied voices and most visitors leave with plenty of EVP recordings.

Who or what awaits your visit to Waverly Hills?  Maybe you can help us find what lies ahead in room 502!
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Here is your opportunity to uncover reports of paranormal activity that looms over Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

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Waverly Hill Sanatorium

Proposed date:  September, 2011