Mansfield Reformatory was built in 1886 for first time offenders in hopes of successfully rehabilitating before releasing them back to the public.  After years of allegations from inmates of abuse, torture, murder and other inhume conditions such as rats, inedible food, disease and intolerable temperatures on the 6th floor tier and 1st floor tier the reformatory was shut down in 1990.

Violence became a way of life for prisoners at Mansfield.  Inmates were beaten with bars of soap that were concealed in socks.  Men were thrown from the 6th floor tier catwalk and others were sliced with shanks.

Today it is believed that former inmates and workers who were at Mansfield haunt the reformatory.  Reports consist of cold-spots, unexplainable equipment malfunctions, shadow people and most visitors leave with a series of EVP recordings.  What will you catch during your visit to Mansfield?

Mansfield Reformatory
Here is your opportunity to discover reports of paranormal activity surrounding Mansfield Reformatory.

History Ghost Tours will be offering two packages to anyone who dares to brave the former state penn!

"I'll meet you there"  - no accommodations are provided.  You simply meet us at the reformatory.
Est. Cost - $40.00

"Take me with you"  -  you'll be given the opportunity to travel to the reformatory with History Ghost Tours from Chicago to Mansfield and back.
Est. Cost - $125.00
Mansfield Reformatory

Fun Facts:
  • The east cell block is the largest cell block in the world at 6 tiers tall.
  • The movies, Tango & Cash, The Shawshank Redemption and Air Force One were filmed at Mansfield Reformatory.
  • Music Videos shot at Mansfield Reformatory include Godsmack "Awake" and Lil' Wayne "Go DJ".
  • Mansfield Reformatory has been featured on Travel Channel's "101 Things To Do Before You Die" and "Scariest Places On Earth" along with Fox Family's "Scariest Stories on Earth and "Scariest Place on Earth".
Proposed date:  May, 2011